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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Troodos Skiing

We went to Troodos, the only mountain region in Cyprus on 08-01-2005 for the second time. This time we had absolutely great fun. The main reason was the mountain tops were almost covered with the snow fall happened during the Dec-'04 and till then.

We went by two cars (Lokesh and Alok were the main drivers). Apart from the drivers, myself, Avinash, Satish, Niranjan, Karan, Paras, Alok, Umesh and Bhavya. Initially, it was raining when we started in Limassol. Then we thought it could be another bad trip (it was raining almost through out in our previous trip). But, luckily when we left the city completely, the rain also disappeared.

We stopped on the way for few snaps. After around 60 km of drive, we reached the mountain tops. It was amazing scene. I never saw that much snow (really) in my lifetime. And, in fact most of us were eager to step out of the cards and play with the snow.

Then came the Purple Dinosaur (Lokesh), suggesting everyone to try out Skiing. Lot of Cypriots come to Troodos during winter and especially in the first two months of the year for skiing. So, we too joined the wave. We made a deal for all ten of us to get at 6 CYP each against 8 CYP. Thats it the real excitement started.

Most of us were not even able to walk with the skiing boots. After a while, we learnt some basics of skiing from a girl who was waiting for her friends there. We enjoyed skiing for about two hours hence. Having tired, we were slowly giving back the skiing kits and had some snacks (yeah, in the car itself).

Having taken lots of costless photos (with Bhavy's new Nikon digi cam), we started towards the picnic spot in Troodos.

The place was completely calm and peaceful. As soon as we reached there, we took all our eatables and started filling the stomachs. All of a sudden, the temperature became too much chilled. We were hardly feeling the touch sensation.

Skiing was the main theme of the trip. Thats all for this Troodos trip.